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Happy World Teacher Day!!! 

Today is a day to celebrate all that teachers do for students around the world!  Not only do  teachers have the tremendous responsibility of molding the next generation into productive members of society in concert with their parents, but sadly, in the current political environment, teachers have come to understand that they must also be the voice of those same students in fighting for the funds that will go into the classrooms to reduce class sizes, reduce all the toxic and meaningless testing.  On the other hand they are fighting to bring music and art back into the schools, and to ensure that each and every student has the best free public education possible no matter what their zip code!

The teachers of Desert Sands is no exception.  That is why we're recommending to the public to vote for Wendy Jonathan, Trustee Area 1; Christin Castellanos, Trustee Area 3; and Linda Porras for Trustee Area 4. 

We have seen the poorly planned and even more poorly executed actions on the part of the current administration.  Look at the closing of Adams!  What a disaster.  They 'closed' a school with almost 400 students because of declining enrollment against the protests of the families impacted.  Then voila!  They reopened it as an Early Childhood Education Center serving under 150 students without considering or planning for the implications of same!  The facilities were not designed to serve students that young and no one made any arrangements for retro-fitting the school for the little ones.  Worse than that--no one in administration even bothered to see to it that the facility was given the same routine cleaning every other school received during the summer!

We believe these three candidates will put a stop to this type of rash and precipitous behavior.  Please VOTE in your area for Wendy Jonathan, or Christin Castellanos or Linda Porras! 

If you're not on the DSTA Facebook page it is a good source of information.  We encourage everyone to "like" this page along with the Mona Davidson DSTA President; and the parent page Community Supporting Desert Sands Teachers.  These also have up to the moment information.  For all your tweeters out there, follow @DSTAUnion on Twitter. 

In solidarity,


Mona Davidson


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DSTA Teacher of the Year 2015

Thanks to Jose Alcala, CTA District O Board Member for attending our Teacher of the Year event and bringing with him Mark Young, CTA Region IV Manager AND  CTA President Dean Vogel! 




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